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Roger is the Chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, an invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level business leaders, authors, speakers and thought-leaders. Roger has been recognized as a top leader, Mastermind facilitator and social entrepreneur through his charity and non-profit work.
Roger Salam, is a man who is the master of relationships. He has dedicated his life to empower and create success in the people around him. He has a very strong belief that is serving others we will ultimately serve our selves, but by serving ourselves first, we can never truly serve others. He has witnessed what the power of transformation from the inside out can do for a person’s business and personal life.
Thus, he has formed the Mastermind, composed of highly successful entrepreneurs, business owners & investors from various industries, all with the culture of unparalleled collaboration, unconditional giving and exceptional caring.
This was made possible through the creation of The Winner’s Circle International Inc. (TWC), an international organization of top achievers in business working together to accomplish more personally.
The mission of The Winner’s Circle International Inc. and the Masterminds is the following:

  • To create synergy and cooperation among members
  • To provide solutions for members’ specific challenges through focused brainstorming
  • To mastermind new ideas & topics to enhance personal & professional development
  • To enhance the market position of the members in their respective industry
  • To cross promote member services among each other and the group whenever appropriate
  • To introduce cutting edge resources to our members via guest speakers
  • To increase bottom line profitability of the members’ business
  • To build friendship and camaraderie
  • To build a lifelong community of likeminded people

And they have touched countless lives, here are a just a few examples here

Accomplishments with The Winners Circle :

  • He has arranged successful trips around the globe.
  • He has motivated and helped people become successful
  • He has arranged cruises for the thought leaders and top achievers in business
  • He has created a common platform called “The Mastermind Trip” for all the thought leaders to gather and discuss and spread wisdom amongst people who seek it.
  • To date, there has been several successful Mastermind trips held, the latest being held in Bangladesh, his native country.

To lean more, please visit The Winner’s Circle site,